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Manual and LACP Link Aggregation (IEEE ad). Switch G (3C) 3C port 10/ plus two 10// ports and two GBIC ports. Office Manuals and free pdf instructions. Find the office and computer equipment manual you need at ManualsOnline. Published October SuperStack® 3. Switch Series. Getting Started Guide. 3C 3C 3C DUAAAAbook Page 1 Thursday .

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You would enable query mode if you wish to run multicast sessions in a network that does not contain any IGMP routers or queriers. Quality of Service QoS enables you to specify service levels for different traffic classifications.

3CUS 3Com SuperStack 3 Switch G Manual

Important Safety Information Traffic Prioritization And Your Switch Using Automatic Ip Configuration Communication Between Vlans The Default Vlan All technical data and computer software are commercial in nature and developed solely at private expense.

The multicast filtering system supported by your Switch uses IGMP Internet Group Management Protocol snooping to detect the endstations in each multicast group to which multicast traffic should be forwarded.


As required by the IEEE Information from the Statistics group is 31c7304 to detect changes in traffic and error patterns in critical areas of your network. History The History group provides historical views of network performance by taking periodic samples of the counters supplied by the Statistics group.

3com SuperStack 3 3C Manuals

Cli Management Over The Network It allows you to set HOL to suit certain specialist applications. Traffic Prioritization And Your Switch The bridge then reconfigures the network to cater for the change. Configuring Workstation With Ip Information All egress and ingress buffers will be used on demand and QoS settings will be largely ineffective in buffer – overload situations.

About The Switch Family Installing The Switch Redundant Power System Socket With multicast filteringnetwork devices only forward multicast traffic to the ports that are connected to registered endstations.

Table Of Contents Solving Problems Indicated By Leds Choosing A Suitable Site Benefits Of Multicast Advanced Network Configuration Examples Pc-at Serial Cable Connecting A Redundant Power System When ingress buffers are exhaustedflow control will operate.

LACP detects if one of the existing four aggregated links is manusl and will then automatically assign one of the remaining devices to the aggregated link that has become free.


Default Users And Passwords The Root Port is the one that is connected to the Root Bridge using the most efficient paththat isthe one that has the lowest Root Path Cost. A Configuration Rules As an examplewith VLANs you can segment your network according to: It assumes a working knowledge of local area network LAN operations and familiarity with communication protocols that are used to interconnect LANs. Status Monitoring And Statistics As network sizes and traffic levels growthis approach places a strain on the management workstation and also generates large amounts of traffic.

The SuperStack 3 Switch Family has two traffic queues per port giving it a basic capability to prioritize traffic. To communicate effectivelyboth devices at either end of a link must use the same duplex mode.

Communication Between Vlans