May 08 2020

3com SuperStack 3 T Pdf User Manuals. View online or download 3com SuperStack 3 T Getting Started Manual, Datasheet. User manual for the device 3Com SUPERSTACK T. Online user manual database. Get 3Com SUPERSTACK T Switch User Manual. Get all 3Com manuals!.

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These are shielded RJ data sockets.

If your IP network is internal to your organization only, that is, you do not access the Internet, you may use any arbitrary IP address as long as it is not being used by another device on your network. If you are placing Switch units one on top of the other, you must use theself-adhesive rubber pads supplied.

3Com 4226T Switch User Manual

The Switch is not receiving power or there is a fault with the Power Supply Unit. Configuring Workstation With Ip Information Yellow A 10 or Mbps link is present and the port is enabled. Package Contents Water or moisture cannot enter the case of the Switch. Marlborough, MA 3Com Technologies reserves the right to revise this documentation and to make changes in content from.

The unit must be earthed grounded. You must use the screws supplied with the mounting brackets. Detailed procedural stepsare contained in the sections that follow. Tell us about it. Summary of the content on the page No. If yourproduct is registered and under warranty, you can obtain an RMAnumber online at http: Redundant Power System Socket The settings should beset to match the default settings for the Switch, which are: This software allows you to communicate with the Switch via the console port directly, or through a modem.


Telephone Technical Support And Repair GBIC transceivers are hot-insertable and hot-swappable.

The topics covered are: Tell us what’s mznual. There is also an explanation of IPaddressing. OffThe Switch is not receiving power. Passwords command line interface, or to change the default passwords, you need to log in with a valid user name and password. Don’t show me this message again. You willthen not be able to use that port again until the link is lost on that port.

Never lookdirectly at the fiber ports and fiber cable ends when they arepowered-up. You must read the following safety information carefully before youinstall or remove the unit. Either shielded or unshielded data cables with shielded or unshield.

Environmental Statement It is a 3Com policy to be environmentally friendly in all operations. You can find pin-out diagrams for both cables in Appendix B on page To rack-mount your Switch: This software allows you to communicatewith the Switch via the console port directly, or through a modem. When using automatic IP configuration it is important that the IP addressof the Switch is static, otherwise you will not know what the IP address isand it will be difficult to manage. Solving Software Upgrade Problems YellowA 10 or Mbps link is present and the port is enabled.

Damagecaused to the unit by using incorrect screws invalidates your warranty.


For most installations, 3Com recommends that you configure the Switch IP information manually. However, if you do not want to take up too much of your disk space, you can always download it in the future from ManualsBase.


These featuresare enabled on a browser by default. Warnings contain directions that you must follow for yourpersonal safety.

Summary Of Hardware Features If you have logged on correctly, a set of Getting Started pages aredisplayed. SC connector on the transceiver. Solving Communication Problems Many ports on workstations andservers are configured as MDI straight-through.

Figure 9 Connecting a workstation to the Switch via a front panel portTo connect the cable: To manage a Switch using the command line interface over a network the Network using Telnet: You will only need to enable them ifyou have changed your browser settings. Accessing Online Documentation It covers the following topics: More information on 3Com maintenance and Professional Services is available at http: Register Your Product Solving Hardware Problems If installing the Switch Series unit in a stack with SuperStack II or SuperStack 3 units that are narrower than the Series, the Switch Series unit must be installed below the narrower units.

You can only remove power from the unit by disconnectingthe power cord from the outlet. Pc-at Serial Cable