May 31 2020

Bandwidth Manager software manual covers topics from network configuration and sharing Internet connection to instructions and explaination how to create. Antamedia Bandwidth Manager is a Windows PC gateway software which helps you control and limit Internet usage, including download and upload rate. access is allowed and set to logout after inactivity. Software includes statistics and reporting with many useful features. Antamedia Bandwidth Manager Manual.

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How to restore archived database? Customer will start session by typing username and password in login fields, and end his session by typing ‘LOGOUT’ in address bar in web browser. Of course, there is filter engine for faster search.

Repeat steps 1 and 2 if you need to create more accounts 4. Learn how to configure computer and start your own HotSpot. Please specify network interface which is used to connect local network to this computer.

Knowledgebase : Manuals

Inactivity field shows time left in seconds before automatic logoff occur. WIth autologin option enabled all computers are logged in with default settings: Antamedia HotSpot offers different credit card processing gateways.

How to allow acces to the Internet without creating of the user? Antameeia Save button Use Remove button to delete selected employee account. Click on Profile 3. Bandwidth Limit is specified by pricing plan 5.

Use Update all clients button. How to set network interfaces in Bandwidth Manager software? HotSpot sofware manual covers topics from deployment examples to explanation of the advanced features. Main panel shows the most important details of connected computers: With this option is defined user expiration date.

Here you wil get a step by step instructions how to configure HotSpot Click in order to d How to authenticate computers? Express Checkout – available in other countries as described hre Website Payments Pro payment is completed from our software and there is no need to transfer customer to PayPal site.


If both IP and MAC are found in the database, and these match computer that tries to login, access will be granted. Statistics provide access to accounting and reporting.

HotSpot will control traffic even if employee or administrator logoff. Antamedia HotSpot give you ability to connect a remote location router over Internet to your gateway computer in order to show HotSpot login page and require authenication before allowing user access to Internet, same as it is done from your local netw Antamedia HotSpot software gives you ability to specify MAC addresses of computers which should pass through the hotspot without authentification.

IP and MAC address, time left, quota bandwidth left for usebandwidth data transfer per second and inactivity.

To proceed, customer need to type username and password and to press Login button. But access to the internet will be limited for all users. Main Bandwidth Manager control panel. You can generate accounts for example, for 30 minutes, 1 hour, 5 hours and sell them to your customers. When customer walks antamediia, you can simply sell paper ticket which contains username, password, time and bandwidth available.

Antamedia Bandwidth Manager

Our bandwidth shaper is very suitable for Internet and game cafes as it tightly integrates with Internet Caffe software enabling automatic blocking of traffic when user logout. However, you can configure sharing in different way – using RRAS in W or some third party software.

User connection can be stopped using the following steps: To uninstall Bandwidth Manager software completly from your computer close Bandwidth Manager software. Please create these folder c: To set Administrator password: However, you can configure sharing in different way – using hardware or third party software.


Please specify network interface which is used to connect local network to this computer. If you want to create Your own certificate file, please follow instructions from www. Make sure that correct path and name bnadwidth written in certificate path. If managger intend to generate multiple accounts at once, please define number of accounts to generate. Database server should be located outside local network which is controlled. You can block specified port for range of addresses or range of ports for specified address.

This setup page offers highly configurable tax system. If you need help with network setup, please check our network topology documents. Database compression depend of Internet connection. Employee accounts comes with limited privileges: To download latest versions of our software please go to download section.

Receipt antamedix time bandwwidth, price, subtotal, taxes. How to create a Bandwidth Manager User? Before you begin, please make sure that you have configured Internet Connection Sharing on your computer.

All actions of the employees are logged and this can be used for detail analysis. From field on left side select network connection used fo All of this pages are in HTML code format. Log contains customer username, time and date, so this option can be used to analyze which web sites your customers visit and for latest antiterorism reports.