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30 set. Transcript of Os Argonautas do Pacífico Ocidental. by Bronislaw Malinowski Argonauts of the Western Pacific Viveu entre – 16 set. Notes Ideas Ideas Ideas Os Argonautas do Pacífico Ocidental Resumo A chegada do Etnógrafo O retorno desacompanhado. O censo. Roteiro de Leitura: Bronislaw, MALINOWSKI. Os argonautas do Pacífico Ocidental. Os pensadores. São Paulo, Abril, (pp. e ). 1. Qual é o.

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Imago, Rio de Janeiro. When material relations assume a greater importance or omnipotence relations and other instruments of fetishism are reduced by any argonaytas, the greater will be the commodity fetishism level. Sua vida, seu meio e sua obra. Enviado por Carlos Eduardo flag Denunciar.

Anton P. Carr (Translator of Argonautas do Pacífico Ocidental)

Harvard University Press, But Politzer [16] has a quite curious standpoint on it. So we can conclude that the demands and material assets required to fulfill human needs are important elements in the cultural development.

A Critique of Political Economy – v. We believe that the theory underlying this process is related to the infantile omnipotence dynamics pointed out by psychoanalysts, and it establishes the relations briefly exposed in this article. There must be something that happens among human beings previously to the accumulation process, and which originates their ostentatious behavior.

Science and Technology in a multicultural world: Social Studies of Science, Vol. Sex and Repression in Savage Society. The topics mentioned above will be very concisely discussed due to being just an article. According to Malinowski, the dynamics of the ostentation happened there in a different manner, since it was not a consequence of the accumulation of capital, but rather of the grandiosity of the gift. Elaborating a Commodity Fetishism Index Number. From the statistical point of view, we faced some difficulties because a commodity fetishism index number has never been measured, so standardized statistics on this subject do not exist, and a statistical rearrangement was necessary in order to unify the available data.

Estudos Culturais das Ciências

Therefore, ocidenral can affirm that commodities conceal relations of exploitation among people and social classes. Malinowski noticed that the natives built silos ocidenyal leaving spaces between the wooden boards in order to display and ostentate how much food each family had been able to produce: The concept of the omnipotence feeling is discussed by several other authors.


It was related to the generosity involved in this process and the ability to give considerable gifts. Theoretical Economics Letters Vol.

This is the first argumentative basis for the elaboration of a commodity fetishism index number. Hodge Anniversary Publication Fund, v. For this reason, I have been reading works from psychoanalysts and other thinkers in order to understand the psychological process related to fetishism 1and the most reasonable explanation I have found is related to the concept of infantile omnipotence.

Thus, we can affirm that pactico kind of consumption is not the only ;acfico related to a higher status, but also the omnipotence feeling represented by it. In this manner, if that same miser was frequently photographed and mentioned by Forbes magazine, he would enjoy as much social prestige as the yacht owners, or even more.

Another product which has always been regarded as a luxury good is the automobile, paccfico all the symbolism related to it. Perspectives on the Social Studies of Science. In Peter Galison e Bruce Hevly orgs.

Argonautas do Pacífico Ocidental

Monitoring Movements in Development Aid: Modern Asian Studies 33 2: I would also like to make some observations on the concept of conspicuous consumption pointed out by Veblen [23].

Sex and Temperament in Three Primitive Societies. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute Law and Order in Polynesia. Liveright, New York, But we have to bear in mind that human beings mediate their relations through commodities, and according to Marx, a series of activities is transformed into a labor-time measure, and the relations among commodities are established by this unit of value.

According to Balint, such importance could be ascribed to a single instrument, depending on the stage of primitivism of a given social group, and argoanutas concept can also be applied to our society without significant distortions. The other one was the yam storage houses of the analyzed tribes.


An ethnography of global connection. We also conclude that interpersonal relations are mediated by commodities which conceal social relations in themselves. Memoirs of the American Folklore Society, v. Anthropology and the Analysis of Contemporary Power. All the information regarding the procedures adopted in its elaboration, as well as the calculations and data sources, are described in my doctoral dissertation. Kinship and Leadership among the Siuai of Bougainville.

In the works of Margaret Mahler [2]the concept of omnipotence is associated to the infantile separation anxiety and the development of the narcissistic personality.

Because the index is purposed, it does not have an historical series synchronic, thus it was used at least two years or more according to available data.

The Study of Man: Bloch, dated September In his famous book O Capital. According to my propositions, we would better comprehend the mechanisms of ostentation in our society, and its consequences not only to the economy, but also to income redistribution initiatives, if we understand the interaction among omnipotence, commodity fetishism concepts and cultural values.

So considering the commodity fetishism dynamics as an integral part of our reality, the level of fetishism will change according to each culture. Man, New Series, 23 2: The works of Melanie Klein [3]which do not point out so explicitly the concept of subphases mentioned by Mahler, also mention the omnipotence feelings which make the child believe that she could eliminate or be eliminated by her parents through her thoughts.

Journal of Ethnographic Theory 4 1: On the other hand, in his letter to Starkenburg, dated January,Engels affirms that it is necessary to combine the predominance of the material conditions, cultural influences and social behavior in order to change social reality, pscfico those factors as influent as the historical context and the predominance of the individual desire over the collective interest.