Apr 24 2020

In conventional vulcanizing machine the process is mainly hand operated and is transmitted to the pneumatic cylinder through a well laid pipe line system. constructed as a heat consumer and is fitted with an automatic temperature. Automatic pneumatic vulcanizing Machine using heat sensor Solar Water Purification by using thermal method Fabrication of Paper cup. Automatic pneumatic vulcanizing machine plant the flow medium is transmitted to the pneumatic cylinder through a well laid pipe line system. In our project is consists of heat sensor circuit, solenoid valve and Pneumatic cylinder. The heat.

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The time display shifting switch 12 is operated uskng selectively display step time, total vulcanizing time, residual vulcanizing time, vulcanization prolonging time or the like on the displaying device 10 on the basis culcanizing the aforesaid preset values and the results of processing carried out with the aid of a microcomputer incorporated in the sequence timer unit 1.

Where there are available many data depending on the kind of vulcanizing specification to macgine employed it is required that plural pairs of magnetic cards 7 and 25 be provided. The air is compressed in an air compressor and from the compressor plant the flow medium is transmitted to the pneumatic cylinder through a well laid pipe line system. The control unit gives the supply to the solenoid valve, so that the pneumatic cylinder is in forward stroke.

As described above, the molding die heating temperature is preset and controlled corresponding to the tire specification while a pair of vulcanizing medium step vulcanizinh function are preset. In the embodiment of the invention as illustrated in FIG. It should be noted that the pressure switch and the comparison mechanism may be designed and constructed in a variety of types other than those described above each of which should be considered within the scope of the invention.

Further, as described above, the number of magnetic cards can increase in response to an increased amount of data whereby incorrect presetting can be completely prevented by allowing a plurality of magnetic cards to have a discriminating capability. A vulcanizing sequence timer I is constituted by mqchine combination of the aforesaid components 40 to Further, when data other than predetermined data corresponding to the card number as specified by the key board 4 are to be inputted, an arrangement is made pneumatoc that error display is effected in the same manner.

The tube is fixed on pneumahic base of the L-bracket. In any case the purpose of the invention can be achieved by data processing a combination of tire specification, step, function and molding die heating temperature.

The apparatus as defined in claim 1, wherein the detector is located in the proximity of the parting line between both the upper and lower die halves. The mode sfifting switch 13 serves to carry out shifting to automatic operation, manual operation or the like on the sequence timer unit 1.

However, drawbacks have been found inherent to the conventional function sensoor mechanism in that the whole vulcanizing machine is controlled with great difficulties and thereby uniform quality of tires is difficult to achieve. In practice, about kinds of tire specifications are available with respect to passenger car tires. In the drawing reference numeral 40 designates a vulcanizing operation start signal, reference numeral 41 a time generator for causing a step to proceed with time measured from said vulcanizing operation start signal 40, reference numeral 42 a microcomputer, reference numeral 43 a card reader, reference numeral 44 a function output mechanism and reference numeral 45 a molding die heating temperature auttomatic mechanism.


Specifically, the sequence timer unit 1 comprises a card reader 2, a data key board 3, a control key board 4, a connector 5, displays 8, 9, 10 and 11, a time display shifting switch 12, a mode shifting switch 13 and a jot switch 14 each of which will be described later.

Thus, by utilizing functions of the microcomputer in the sequence timer it is assured that the working state of vulcanizihg medium in a tire is easily monitored and previous detection of a failed tire is reliably carried out, resulting in improved reliability of operation. The control apparatus as defined in claim 1, wherein said vulcanizing time prolonging command is preset by said keyboard or said magnetic card, wherein both the length of time and sequential function step to be prolonged are preset.

The conventional tire vulcanizing machine is operated with a temperature of vulcanizing medium in a tire, selection of introduction and discharge of vulcanizing medium hot water, steam or the like and step time being present on the vulcanizing sequence timer.

Next, description will be made as to another embodiment of the invention with reference to FIG. A control apparatus for a vulcanizing machine in which vulcanizing is effected by introducing a vulcanizing medium into a rubber-made product loaded on a molding die and then discharging the same therefrom to vulcanize said rubber-made product, said control apparatus comprising: As described uvlcanizing, the step time for the introduction of vulcanizing medium into a tire and vulcanizjng discharging of the same therefrom and the selection of senssor medium at each of the steps function are preset on the vulcanizing sequence timer and predetermined temperature and pressure of the vulcanizing medium in a auutomatic are preset at each of the steps.

When it is necessary to keep the vulcanizing machine opened for a long period of time at the start-up time of the vulcanizing operation or for a certain reason, there is the fear that the molding die temperature decreases would decrease and vulcanizing would thus be insufficiently effected within a period of time preset by the vulcanizing sequence timer.

Compact size and portable Easy to move from one place to another place Operating principle is simple.

It should be noted that the embodiments require that a detector, a presetting device and others are provided in order to monitor the supply of vulcanizing medium through a plurality of control valves 69 at all times.

To maintain optimum efficiency of pneumatic system, it is of vital importance that pressure drop between generation and consumption of compressed air is kept very low.

Further, a group of pressure switches 80 are provided for detecting pilot air pressure for each of the functions. To carry out function control for the vulcanizing machine as constructed in the above-described manner a mechanical cam mechanism as illustrated in FIG.

Generally, the outer surface of the molding die is lined with thermal insulating material and therefore the temperature on the outer surface of the thermal insulating material is naturally related to temperature in the molding die.

Further, since the temperature and pressure conditions are preset as required for any vulcanizing medium to be introduced and discharged irrespective of employed steps, it is assured that the preset values are kept fixed even when vulcanizing conditions vary due to a change of tire size or the like reason.

Since they have a limited capacity, two sheets of magnetic cards are usually used, wherein one of them has step, time and function data for controlling medium in a tire stored therein and the other one has has pressure conditions in a tire, jacket temperature and others stored therein. Owing to the arrangement of the control apparatus of the invention that a vulcanizing time prolong command is issued in response to temperature difference when temperature in the molding die is lower than the preset one, it is assured that any incorrect operation conducted by an operator can be completely prevented and moreover vulcanizing is effected under the constant working conditions at all times, resulting in an improved quality of vulcanized tires.


Thus, when it is found by comparison of the measured value with the preset value of the temperature and pressure of the vulcanizing medium selected according to a step signal from the sequence timer that the former is deviated from an allowable value, an alarming signal is automatically outputted.


For this reason the temperature in the molding die may be detected on the outer surface of vuclanizing thermal insulating material with certain unavoidable fluctuation accompanied. As a number of machines are operated by a single operator due to the recent wide popularization of automatic operation, there is a vulcanizint to check many recording instruments insufficiently pneumagic therefore malfunctions are found out with much delay.

When both the signals are identical to one another, this means that automatic operation proceeds normally. Moreover, it is possible to provide another data preparation device having the same functions as those of the key board on the sequence timer unit 1 for the purpose of preparing a automatuc card 7. First, a switch “NO.

As will be described later, the displaying devices 8, 9, 10 and 11 are adapted to display a number of preset values such as vulcanizing specification number, step number, step time, function number, inner pressure condition, platen temperature, platen condition and others. A tire vulcanizing machine is normally operated without interruption under the predetermined working conditions and therefore operations are repeated by way of the steps as preset by the vulcanizing sequence time.

Automatic pneumatic vulcanizing Machine using heat

However, it has been found that the vulcanizing machine in accordance with the prior proposal becomes complicated in structure because an insert device for inserting a temperature sensor into a tire should be incorporated in the molding die.

Method for controlling the state of vulcanization of wheel tires and apparatus therefor. Next, description will be made as to a preferred embodiment of the molding die temperature control system with reference to FIG. While the invention has been described above with respect to several preferred embodiments, it should be of pnwumatic understood that the invention should not be limited only to them but various changes or modifications may be vulccanizing in a suitable manner without any departure from the spirit and scope of the invention.

The jog switch 14 serves to carry out manual step feed in each of the steps. Further, an arrangement may be made such that an alarming signal is issued from the alarm 36 when the temperature difference is in excess of the predetermined allowable extent. However, drawbacks have been found with respect to the prior proposals vulcanising that an apparatus is a complicated structure and manufactured at a high cost with reduced reliability.

Owing to vulcaniizing there is no incorrect presetting and moreover presetting and controlling are simply achieved without any need for substantially changing vulcanizung modifying the heretofore used apparatus.

This machine is compact in size and semi-automated one. When data input is normally carried out merely by means of the data key board 3 during data preparation, it is necessary to discriminate input for preset data but this is inconvenient when many kinds of data should be preset.