Apr 07 2021

JStove is back with another Necromunda breakdown. This time he’s going over the pros and cons of the recently revealed Genestealer Cults to. Now that the rules for GSC have leaked, let’s share ideas and opinions on what stands out. All in all, I think they are a strong gang and have. So forge world just put up a list to use Gene stealer cults in Necromunda. So just wondering what are peoples thoughts? Are they a good group.

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Genestealer cultists are known for their infiltration – all the GSC infantry units in normal 40k move no faster than other regular infantry. Doesn’t say about out of action so i assume its possible to go OOA from web, and doesn’t say you can’t coup de grace either. Take a look over at yaktribe. Want to add to the discussion? The Acolyte is a Champion equivalent and every Champion in N17 has 2 wounds.


Mantic Dwarf Kings Hold — dungeon necdomunda Kings of War — fantasy wargame Warpath — sci-fi wargame Project Pandora — spaceship corridor crawler Dreadball — sci-fi sports game Deadzone — sci-fi skirmish. They may have destroyed one of the hives, but nothing says they got all the cultists. Submit a new text post. So, in your eyes, any disadvantage is an “error”?

Being a skirmish game, gangs are usually limited to around nine models, but as a result game play can become more detailed. This Reddit is filled with dumb memes more often then not.

Same template, higher strength hit, no geneztealer or injury roll needed, and a boost to capture! Search anything and hit enter. Gangers mostly with Autoguns, but a couple of Shotguns. Warhammer 40k is a franchise created by Games Workshop, detailing the far future and the grim darkness it holds. In Necromunda, players control rival gangs battling each other in the Underhive, a place of anarchy and violence in the depths below the Hive City.


What exactly is not a mistake? Cut us by filling out a tiny 3 field form cul you will get your own, free, dakka user account which gives a good range of benefits to you: Overwatch as the icing on the cake – the rule states that if you hit with your genfstealer attack, you cancel their activation. Just read the new list.

I actually have a box of them, hoping I would get inspired as I was looking at the sprues…but they just sort of fell flat for me.

Maybe, when you play tabletop games for another 20 years, you’ll know the difference between “what works and what not,” and your own pet peeves. The Seismic Cannon is basically a less accurate plasma gun. A new ganger type with high S and T, and multiple W and A tool begin with, and limited but powerful!

It’s an incredible control tool. So I was ready.

Houses of the Underhive

Not sure about the Aberrants actually being good. December 29th — Imperial Knights Dethroned. Goliath have move 4 and an even stronger Aberrant has a move of 5. Genestealer Cult tease on Necromunda website? I think it’ll be great when you cut credits to spend, but a bit expensive at gang creation. Think I’ll take the advice and work on my Necromunda list first then make it Kill team legal second.

Fairly average stat line, and diverse but non-ideal loadout options, redeemed by interesting abilities that replace their starting skill. It is only slightly different than in GW necrommunda it is just a typo. Says treat the fighter as if they were Seriously Injured, which is slightly different to treat as Seriously Injured.


It is a very simple calculation to see that is simply not true. How do you know that the hangers-on table is not an intended advantage, representing the cult’s high levels of influence over people? There was large consensus about M4″ being an error in the original white dwarf version.

Genestealer Cult Tactics and Analysis : necromunda

Avatars in a room: This message was edited 1 time. You can dual-wield weapons from the pistol weapon category. There are so many actual errors that it is too much of a headache to debate the marginal things too. Adepts with quirky abilities.

But are the lists for them going to be able to match up? An error is something that legitimately does not work in the rules – for example, Third Arm having rules and a points cost but having no way to actually buy them in the old rules, or Toxin making your weapon worse in genestelaer original rules of the game.

[Necromunda] Genestealer cults. – Forum – DakkaDakka

Looking forward to messing around with list ideas. It was cheap to get into compared to a full 40k armyit played faster, the rules were solid, and it tickled that RPG-lite itch with the Campaign.

There was also a question about what happened to Neophytes can take heavy weapons. No adverts like this in the forums genestealrr. As in its parent game Warhammer 40, play uses 28 mm miniatures approximately 1: The Genestealer Cult as depicted in this list is a small offshoot group setting up in Hiver Primus.