Oct 17 2020

describe Grundfos Conlift. Sections When installing the Conlift, observe the following: .. l/h. pH value of condensate. or higher. Density of condensate. The range contains two variants. The first is CONLIFT L – a basic version (Hmax= m, Qmax.= l/h). There is an additional level switch with a potential-free. Grundfos Conlift L is supplied in a cardboard box with the following contents: • Conlift L with built-in non-return valve. • supply cable with Schuko plug or free.

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These models also offer a selector switch with two options. Personal collection of goods BOLA spol. Help from qualified pump professionals is never far away, whether you need immediate assistance or are interested in hearing about opportunities for making savings.

There is also a comprehensive pump replacement selection function for central heating circulator pumps, hot water pumps and wastewater Conlitf pumps, and a function for producing professional quotations that include curves, grundfso, quotation texts, wiring diagrams, etc. Download vCard Get directions. Installation is simplified by the inclusion of a 6m drain hose as well as the connection adaptors needed making installation simple.

Pune Telephone Toll Free: Onsite repair Fast and efficient Onsite pump repair services ensuring minimum downtime. The robustness of the pump and the built-in 2.

Brundfos Remote Management is a cost-effective, secure and reliable way to monitor and manage pump installations from an Internet PC at a very low cost. Service drawings, exploded views and parts lists are available for all sewage products as well as several other pump types. This tracking can give an indication of any wear or damage in the installation, and service and maintenance can be planned accordingly. Managers can plan for years ahead, and can easily handle day-to-day exceptions to the schedule.

Grundfos Heating pumps Garden pumps Pumps accesories. Repair and maintenance Grundfos Service will maintain and repair your pumps. Connecting pumps and people With a secure and reliable remote management system, you can monitor and manage your pump systems from an Internet PC at a very low cost.


Grundfos Conlift Condensate Pump

trundfos Service instructions Step-by-step service videos Interactive exploded views Sectional drawings. To be extra sure that you do not have to wait, we can set aside a stock of spare parts that are critical for your operation. Installation Operation Replacement Spare parts Installation.

Submersible pumps for wells Domestic waterworks Sanitary pumps Submersible pumps for boreholes Drainage pumps Self-priming pumps Pressure switch units Water supply sets Booster pump sets Sewage and aggressive media pumps Solar pumps Rainwater utilisation.

Hyderabad Telephone Toll Free: View the grundfod model. Overview Brochures Service Contact Overview. When changed Only in stock.

Conlift condensate removal pump

Sales office Service center Sales office. Contains a neutralizing unit. CONLIFT pumps remove condensate from boilers, chimneys, air-conditioning grundfs, and cooling and refrigerator systems in cases where the condensate is collected below sewer level or otherwise cannot be led away means of gravitation to the sewer or the building’s drainage system.

Contact us Select country to contact your local sales company. Optimise service and maintenance Changes in pump performance can be tracked using trend graphs generated automatically by the system. Condensates from boilers are aggressive.

One consequence of this is that service offerings, including spare parts and replacement kits, are defined in the development phase. Our many years of experience of different kinds of installation and with installation techniques are also key factors for maximising the lives of your Grundfos products or systems.

All the technical documentation and information you need to service your grundofs is immediately available to you, at any time: The Grundfos Pump Audit is our replacement analysis. Please contact your local Grundfos company to obtain full support for your new installation. Grundfos can repair your pumps to the same specifications as new.

Grundfos Conlift Condensate Pump

Applications CONLIFT pumps remove condensate from boilers, chimneys, air-conditioning systems, and cooling and refrigerator systems in cases where the condensate is collected below sewer level or otherwise cannot be led away means of gravitation to the sewer or the building’s drainage system.


The list specifies the parts you should keep on site to conlifg your pumps. Service kits Service kits with flexible ordering and delivery options. Opening hours Mon – Thu: Recommended spare parts list The list specifies the parts you should keep on site to service your pumps.

The system grunxfos a wider range of benefits and functions than mobile-phone-based monitoring. The typical application is the removal of condensate from condensing boilers, chimneys, air-conditioning, dehumidifiers and refrigerators. Bangladesh Telephone Toll Free: Ahmedabad Telephone Toll Free: Information and advice Grundfos is a world-wide provider of pumps and related systems. Grundfos Service is always close by. Naturally, you can always call Grundfos for the repair and maintenance of pumps you have purchased from us.

CAPS is available in two versions: Service kits include everything you need for a specific maintenance or repair task, including instructions for dismantling, replacement and reassembly. Contact us Select country to contact your local service center. Suitable for Condensate boilers Air conditioning systems Cooling and freezing systems Dehumidification systems Evaporators Functions Drainage condensate is collected in the tank, which is automatically pumped out after reaching the switching level.

These products are used where condensate cannot drain naturally or when the condensate source is located below the local backwater level. Efficient alarm management The on-call schedule in this new telemetry system ensures that alarm messages from onsite controllers go directly to the relevant people. CAPS The purpose of CAPS is to provide a complete tool that contains both an extensive catalogue of Grundfos products and a sizing program to select the most suitable pump for your application.

It reduces the need for onsite inspections, and ggundfos the event of an alarm or warning, the relevant people are notified directly. It contains a conlitt unit which is recommended to use at a boiler output of over kW and pH below 2.