May 02 2020

A Ruger SP is likely in my future. I learned of a series of books called IBOK’s ( Iowegan’s Books of Knowledge). They used to be available for. Introduction. The Ruger SP is a great revolver, but the factory double action trigger pull can be heavy and a bit rough. It can be improved with a “trigger job”. In the library they have DIY tutorials for Ruger revolvers called the “Iowegian book of Knowledge” (IBOK). They’re pretty informational and have.

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Ruger SP IBOK | Kel-Tec Owner’s Group – The Community for Kel-Tec Shooters

Masters, Blazer and reloads. The entire process is broken down into simple, illustrated steps. Once the screw is out, manipulate the latch until it rugeer out.

In this case, I authored and own the IBOK copyrights and ruyer such, forum members were allowed to download a free copy for themselves but were not permitted by law to distribute them via email or post them elsewhere on the Internet. One other thing you can do that will make a world of difference is shimming the trigger. Originally Posted by Iowegan. That was just over 2 years ago and I haven’t had any more printed since then. I have yet to find, and now have given up the search, for such a ruge informative resource for this particular hand gun.


Obok Jamie Jackson Started 22 hours ago. Iowegan, I’ve also rkger you an email requesting the. I just purchased a stainless ruger gp The dimensions are different of course but essentially they are the same revolver. Push the plunger down while sliding the pawl in. Wed Dec 12, 2: Subtract the last measurement from the first one. The blued models are investment cast from high strength steel and are finished with a hot blue process.

Plan to start my standard project within the next week or so. Remove any galls and clean the channels inside the frame. Put a drop of oil on the short slotted end of the ejector rod part The solution is to remove rugeer metal from the top step of the hammer so less energy is wasted. If it is too short, a new one will have to be fitted and installed at the Ruer factory.

Rugers are intended to be a strong durable gun but seldom do you find one with a perfect finish or where the cosmetic fit is up to the standards of more expensive manufacturers. Thanks for listening to my whining, any help would be truly appreciated.

Sorry for the Q, but what is an IBOK?

Insert the trigger guard latch part 43 with the flat surface up. Ruer have a greater selection of sights than about anyone. Remove all grease, oil, powder residue, and bullet residue as you go. Once the pawl is in all the way, position it vertically and allow the trigger to move forward.


Ruger SP101 IBOK

The curved nose should capture the plunger tip. Normally, GPs tend to carry-up a bit early. The Great Republic of Texas Posts: If any light primer hits I”ll go to heavier hammer spring.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Nov 24, 3. Stainless steel investment cast GPs are much more resistant to corrosion. Use the windage screw to center the sight blade by turning the screw clockwise. Although it will significantly increase the amount of time to complete a trigger job, I recommend that you reassemble and test the revolver after sanding and polishing each part.

Also, remove any machine marks from the bottom surface and buff it smooth. Use a kitchen fork rkger place the tines of the fork in the spring coils near the seat.

The article made it simple for a non gunsmith to cautiously but confidently improve on an already great handgun. To test, cock the hammer and apply considerable forward pressure to the top of the hammer. Very intersting and well written- thanx. He consolidated said material into Gun Guides.