IEC 60332-3A PDF

Jul 15 2020

Circuit Integrity: BS Cat C.W.Z., SS Cat C.W.Z., IEC Flame Propagation: IEC A / IEC , BS EN Acid Gas Emission . IEC Marine Cable, IEC Offshore Cable, Shipboard Cable, SHF1, SHF2. includes both flame-retardant (IEC A) and fire-resistant (IEC ) cables. IEC Specifies method of test for the assessment of vertical flame spread of vertically-mounted bunched wires or cables.

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Helkama is specialized in the manufacturing and development of Marine and Offshore Cables.

Our experience in cable manufacturing goes back more than fifty years. The high technical quality has been achieved by continuous development supported by our clients.

Ledburn Cables

In these pages we are proud to introduce our most comprehensive range of Marine and Offshore Cables. We have chosen to produce only halogen-free cables. They remarkably improve the fire safety of the ships and offshore constructions by not emitting toxic burning fumes or thick smoke.


Using the latest technology we also have been able to reduce cable weight and size to a minimum and still maintain quality, enabling easy installation. As a specialized, independent and optimum-sized company, focusing on service, we have been able to grow steadily by quickly responding to our customers’ needs.

Our short delivery times, backed up by an extensive stock of cables, enable us to deliver punctually and keep our clients satisfied. This remains our goal for the future, too.

IEC | IEC Webstore

General construction and materials of Helkama Marine and Offshore Cables: Helkama marine cables are approved by all major classification societies. Iwc materials are optional. Extruded filler is optional for power cables.

Filler tape for all types. Conductor and Braiding wires.

Bare copper conductors and braiding wires. Bare copper conductor and braiding is recommended. Only tinned copper conductors and braiding can be used.

SHF2 oil resistant for all types.