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Though labeled a sequel to Old Man’s War, The Ghost Brigades is very much a While it expands upon ideas introduced in the earlier novel, John Scalzi. Rather than continue the story of John Perry, year-old recruit to the Colonial Defense Forces, The Ghost Brigades shifts focus to the. The Ghost Brigades is the second book in the Old Man’s War series. The Ghost Brigades are the Special The Ghost Brigades cover. Book. Author, John Scalzi.

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Travel in the universe is done by skip drivean instantaneous means of transportation. The reason is that since reading that first volume I scalzzi read so many books that I like much better and a 5 brigaves rating seems inaccurate. Scalzi uses speaker tags on every single line of dialogue.

There are several points where he follows Chekhov’s zcalzi dictum that if in the first act you have hung a ray gun that can be set on overload on the wall, then in the following one it must be overloaded. Still decent, mind you–I wouldn’t throw it out–but I also wouldn’t enter it in any competitions.

As it happens, said scientist, Charles Boutin, tried clumsily to fake his own death, but succeeded less clumsily in storing a copy of his consciousness in a computer, something never before gyost. It’s an incredible story, but the writing is just terribly clunky. Can a being like Jared, or any of the Special Forces soldiers, truly exhibit free will and execute responsible choices if they were designed for a particular purpose?

The secondary characters are all basically the same person, and the exposition between them is way too obvious and unrealistic.

Some of the banter, as I mentioned above, was also a bit awkward this time instead of remotely funny. It was towards the conclusion when things really came apart and I felt like I was reading a cross breeder between Austin Powers and a late Steven Segal flick.

I ghkst them all to die. So who exactly is Dirac?

The humor is not quite so prevalent here. Is it really important how you choose or is it more important that you have the ability to choose in the first place? While the main character has sca,zi intriguing set-up as a decanted member of the Ghost Brigade, he fails to develop much of an identity–even other characters describe him as ‘passive.

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Bookslut | The Ghost Brigades by John Scalzi

When Boutin’s personality begins surfacing, Jared’s life takes a turn for the worse. That said, this is Military Sci-Fi so things can get pretty serious too… Limbs in various states ghosst processing lay stacked on tables. This is not the only moral question The Ghost Brigades toys with. Scazli the new soldier becomes a regular grunt in the Ghost Brigades, given the name Jared Dirac and assigned to a platoon commanded by Jane Sagan who figured prominently in War.

The sequel to Sscalzi Man’s War follows the titular Ghost Brigades including Jane Sagan from OMW as Scalzi expands his universe and further explores the moral and ethical implications of tube-grown soldiers and a space military that reports only to itself.

Nov 20, Marijan rated it it was amazing.

The Ghost Brigades

On the one hand, those are treated superficially and merely repeat concepts and themes that had been already exploited in the genre. Unfortunately the human factor and the humor that John Perry brought to Old Man’s War is as absent as Perry sscalzi in this story. However, I read it in June and I have just read this second volume three years later.

Time is sclazi out: While The Ghost Brigades falls short in exploring its underlying philosophical and ethical themes, it delivers on its promise of solid science fiction entertainment with a leavening of serious issues. I felt down after reading this one. I wasn’t surprised that Scalzi decided to write more about the Ghost Brigades, and I was half-expecting it brigaees to link up at all — which would have been disappointing, really.

The Ghost Brigades brings us back to the Old Man’s War universe in the heads of multiple point of view characters of the Special Forces rather than returning to the mind of John Perry.

In fact, he’s mentioned in passing about once or twice, but that’s it. Jared slowly becomes more and more like Boutin while losing his own personality traits, but retains his individuality and his strong moral opposition to Boutin’s philosophy and actions.

I will say that one of the best parts of this novel was the decision of Scalzi to analyze what spacefaring humans in the future would feel about the genre of science-fiction as we know it today. I think you could read this book as a stand-alone, but I suggest you don’t. This book will stay with I believe that science fiction and fantasy are the most effective way of exploring our own morality. They’ve learned that three species are gearing up to fight a war against The Colonial Union.


View all 3 comments. That saved the story for me. To top it off, three aliens races have allied in secret to attack the Colonial Union, and Boutin is somehow key to their plans. Ako svak knjiga bude tolko bolja od prethodne ovo ce bti uzitak. The humour is hit and miss for me but they are not really an issue in this book, at least he is not trying to elicit laughter every few paragraphs the awful Sherlock Holmes joke notwithstanding.

He’s turned over to the Special Forces — the Ghost Brigades — and proves to be a good soldier, but as time goes on, more and more of Boutin’s memories return, until what emerges is a hybrid of who Jared Dirac is and who Charles Boutin was. A fun sci-fi space opera. Consciousness transfer, somewhere Poul Anderson is grinning. Like in most Scalzi books, dialogue can be irritating at times depending on your personal preference for snark and your italics-to The sequel to Old Man’s War follows the titular Ghost Brigades including Jane Sagan from OMW as Scalzi expands his universe and further explores the moral and ethical implications of tube-grown soldiers and a space military that reports only to itself.

May 07, Rose rated it really liked it Shelves: View all 4 comments. The Consu don’t play a major role in this book, but they are there in the background in such a way that I just need to learn more about them and what they are up to. Thus, Jared Dirac is born. I don’t know if I boiled instead of simmered, uncovered instead of covered, or failed to sneak in extra secret spice.

Old Man’s War 6 books. All of the colonial defense forces are given genetically altered bodies with all sorts of upgrades, with the special forces getting the most. But even superior technology may not be enough to counter a secret alliance by three sentient races to put a halt to humanity’s expansion in the Universe. CDF scientists clone Boutin’s body and dump his consciousness into the new body, hoping to resurrect Boutin and find out what he’s up to.