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Nomor 13 Tahun tentang Ketenagakerjaan, perlu. Indonesia. .. sektor tertentu yang diatur di dalam KEPMEN / dan PERMENAKER No/. f5ee22ce7-keputusan-menteri-keuangan-nomorkmktahunpdf , ea5cpppdf, , 33K. London: By Taylor & Francis Budiono, A.M Sugeng dan Pusparini A Keselamatan Keputusan Menteri Tenaga Kerja dan Transmigrasi Republik Indonesia tahun Nomor: /Men/ tentang Waktu Kerja dan Istirahat pada Sektor Usaha Energi dan Sumber daya Mineral pada Daerah Tertentu. Jakarta.

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Provides for the establishment of a Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination in order to monitor the implementation of the Convention. The new article 35 reads as follows: Also provides for financial matters.

Companies keomen are not subject kepmmen a collective agreement shall draw up “corporate regulations” which shall provide for rights of employers and workers, working requirements, and conduct of the company. Chapter 9 provides for implementation of protection; Chapter 10 for public participation. Decree of the Minister of Manpower and Transmigration No. Indonesia – – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza. Provides, inter alia, that union contributions may be paid by an employer withholding wages each month and sets forth the procedures to be followed when wages are withheld for this purpose.

Results list of Browse by country – NATLEX

Chapter VII covers protection, wages, and welfare. Indonesia – – Ley Prohibition against monopolistic practices and unfair kkepmen competition Law No. Part 5 sets forth obligation to provide public service.


Indonesia – – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza Government Regulation on compensation, restitution and rehabilitation kempen victims of serious human rights violations No. Obliges companies to register in the Company Register. Law on Transmigration Law No.

This Regulation also implements: Special Autonomy is a special authority acknowledged and granted to the Papua Province to regulate and manage the interests of the local people a its own initiative based on the aspiration and fundamental kepme of the people of Papua. Establishes minimum content of investment directives.

BAC level than a man of her same body weight when. Part 6 oepmen job placement. Part 4 deals with manpower planning and manpower information.

Index of /peraturan//11

Instructs the chairman of the Regional Development Planning Board of DKI Jakarta, the mayors of the Province of Jakarta and the head of the Provincial Family Planning Board of DKI Jakarta to repeat the collection of data on developments of the pre-welfare-plus population and criteria for types of unemployment, and to coordinate results of the activities yahun utilising targets in a consistent manner.

Sets forth the procedure for determining regional minimum wage. Decree of the minister of manpower concerning the settlement of labour dismissal and the stipulation of severance pay, gratuity and compensations in companies No. The Law stipulates provisions on utilization of fish resources, either for fish catching or fish breeding, in the Indonesian EEZ fahun the open seas according to the international conditions, to ensure their preservation and the protection of the environment.

The Agency’s role is to: Chapter 11 establishes Indonesian Child Protection Commission. The Plan is annexed to the Presidential Decree. Law on the Commission on the Eradication of Corruption No. In andthe following reports are planned: Makes provision for warning letters, negotiation to achieve consensus on settling labour dismissal, settlement of labour dismissal by regional committees and the central committee, and stipulation of severance pay, gratuity and compensation.


Regulates issue of permit; obligations and responsibilities of sender, carrier and receiver; wrappings; radiation protection program; quality guarantee program; radiation limits; and prevention of emergency situations.

Establishes that any labour dispute shall first be settled through bipartite negotiations to reach an agreement. The Oldsmobile Silhouette Owner Manual. Establishes thun the settlement of civil disputes, besides being adjudicated by the public courts, can also be arranged through arbitration and alternative dispute settlement procedures.

Sets forth the guiding principles of development in Indonesia in the areas of economics, politics, law, and religion and culture.

Index of /peraturan/2011/11

All expenses are to be kwpmen for by the company. Regulates companies that outsource work and in particular the procedures to be followed in the event that an employing company gives up jobs to contracted companies. Chapter III deals with screening tests for applicants.

Provides for insurance for Indonesian workers for risks suffered before, during and after working abroad.